Minisymposium 2021 on

Catalysis under Confinement

Minisymposium 2021

on Catalysis

under Confinement

May 12, 2021, Stuttgart

Online Conference - Venue open from May 12, 2021, 08:00 AM. Registration required!

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Catalysis pervades all areas of chemical science and technology and is a key technology in the global transition towards resource efficiency and sustainability. Inspired by biocatalysis, this CRC explores the role of confinement effects on molecular heterogenous catalysis and exploits them for the rational design of organometallic catalysts hybridized with mesoporous matrices for improved performance.


This minisymposium will address frontiers and challenges of catalysis in confined spaces and will provide a cross-sectional scientific forum to identify, understand and utilize confinement effects in organometallic catalysis and beyond.


In keeping with the CRC 1333’s cross-disciplinary mission, we are pleased to announce that the following eminent experts representing catalysis, materials science and spectroscopy, have agreed to give key note lectures:

In addition, selected researchers from the CRC 1333 will present their latest results. As this symposium is devoted to fostering exchange among scientists working in catalysis across the globe, we particularly encourage national and international doctoral researchers to present their work as part of the poster session.

Registration deadline extended to May 09, 2021.

Online Symposium – Link to the Conference platform will be available here one day before the event.


Minisymposium 2021 CRC1333 Program


The program is lead by our central research question:
Can we adopt the concept of confinement from biocatalysis to the rational design of hybrid organometallic catalysts in the pores of mesoporous supports and thereby achieve improved catalysts?

We invite contributions approaching these and related topics from an interdisciplinary perspective to our poster session.

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